Selection Process

The selection panel will meet every second year commencing in 2017.

Nominations are received by the Newcastle & Hunter Racing Hall of Fame and collated by the Newcastle Jockey Club administration.

The nominations are included in the Newcastle & Hunter Racing Hall of Fame dossier which consists of nominations received in previous years. The dossier is forwarded to the selection panel for review prior to their first meeting in each year of induction.

Members of the selection panel are also eligible to forward any nominations to the Hall of Fame providing it is done so before the first selection panel meeting.

The selection panel meet to discuss their selections for each category, with each member presenting a case for their selections. Minutes of this meeting are then circulated to each member for review.

The selection panel meet shortly after the first meeting and are given a final opportunity to present a case for their selections and to comment on any points arising following the first meeting.

Each member is then asked to submit their selections for the four categories (Horse, Jockey, Trainer and Associate) on a points voting system.

A maximum of two nominations in each category will be inducted into the Newcastle & Hunter Racing Hall of Fame on each occasion.

In the event that there is a tie in any of the categories the selection panel Chairman shall have a deciding vote.

Those wishing to submit nominations for any of the various categories can do so in writing to Newcastle Jockey Club or via this link.

Nominations are NOW CLOSED